SALTCSMLNHPC2023: Scalable Algorithms, Libraries and Tools for Computational Science and Machine Learning on New Heterogeneous HPC Systems

Nicolo Romandini, Carlo Mazzocca, and Rebecca Montanari: Federated Learning Meets Blockchain: a Power Consumption Case Study
Maria Pia De Rosa, Fabio Giampaolo, Francesco Piccialli, and Salvatore Cuomo: Modelling the COVID-19 infection rate through a Physics-Informed learning approach
Kevin Crampon, Alexis Giorkallos, Stéphanie Baud, and Luiz Angelo Steffenel: Convolutional graph neural network training scalability for molecular docking
Jie Lei, José Flich, and Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí: Toward Matrix Multiplication for Deep Learning Inference on the Xilinx Versal
Tao Tao: Synchronization Efficient Scheduling of Fine-grained Irregular Programs