Alessandro Mei

Full Professor
Department of Computer Science
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy



Frauds in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency market is loosely regulated. Even if policymakers are making some progress, building a safer environment for cryptocurrency investors is a complex task that needs time. Meanwhile, blockchain-related technologies evolve fast, and, with the birth of the DeFi, investors begin to move from centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance to decentralized exchanges (DEX). While regulating the standard cryptocurrencies market is not easy, ruling the on-chain trading platform is harder. In this talk, we will see what are the major security challenges for investors in the cryptocurrency environment, what are the main frauds, and what we can do to build a safer eco-system.

Short bio

Alessandro Mei received the laurea degree in computer science summa cum laude from the University of Pisa, Italy, 1994, and the phd in mathematics at the University of Trento, Italy, 1999, with Alan A. Bertossi. He was a research scholar at the Department of EE-Systems of the University of Southern California during 1998 and part of 1999. Afterwards, he joined the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where he is now a full professor. Alessandro Mei has been Head of Department, 2015-2021, and the Chair of the Board of the Directors of Sapienza University, 2018-2021.


  • Distributed and networked systems
  • Blockchain technology
  • Computer system security and privacy