SALTCSMLNHPC2023: Scalable Algorithms, Libraries and Tools for Computational Science and Machine Learning on New Heterogeneous HPC Systems

Raúl Marichal, Guillermo Toyos, Ernesto Dufrechou, and Pablo Ezzatti: Evaluation of architecture-aware optimization techniques for Convolutional Neural Networks
Bruno Galluzzi, Stefano Izzo, Fabio Giampaolo, Salvatore Cuomo, Marco Vanoni, Lilia Alberghina, Chiara Damiani, and Francesco Piccialli: Coupling constrained-based flux sampling and clustering to tackle cancer metabolic heterogeneity
Kashif Qureshi, Noman Arshad, and Thomas Newe: Intrusion Detection Systems for Cyber Attacks Detection in Power Line Communications Networks
Jia-Hao Syu, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Marcin Fojcik, and Rafal Cupek: HTPS: Heterogeneous Transferring Prediction System for Healthcare Datasets