HPCMS2023: High Performance Computing in Modelling and Simulation

Marjan Firouznia, Pietro Ruiu, and Giuseppe A. Trunfio: Robust feature selection for high-dimensional datasets using a GPU-accelerated ensemble of cooperative coevolutionary optimizers
Luca Barillaro, Giuseppe Agapito, and Mario Cannataro: Using Edge-based Deep Learning Model for Early Detection of Cancer
Lorella Bottino, Marzia Settino, and Mario Cannataro: Distributed ICT solutions for scoliosis management
Alessio De Rango, Luca Furnari, Alfonso Senatore, Giuseppe Mendicino, Andrea Giordano, Davide Macrì, Gladys Utrera, and Donato D’Ambrosio: Performance Analysis and Optimization of the CUDA Implementation of the Three-Dimensional Subsurface XCA-Flow Cellular Automaton