BDCSA2023: Big Data Convergence: from Sensors to Applications

Javier Campoy, Ignacio-Iker Prado-Rujas, José L. Risco-Martín, Katzalin Olcoz, and María S. Pérez: Distributed training and inference of deep learning solar energy forecasting models
Alvaro Cuartero-Montilla and Rafael Mayo-García: Application of advanced Artificial Intelligence methodologies for the development of a gene therapy for the primary Hyperoxaluria
Tommaso Marinelli, José Ignacio Gómez Pérez, Christian Tenllado, and Francky Catthoor: Efficiency-Aimed Pattern Analysis and Data Mapping in Hybrid Cache-SPM Architectures
Elías Del-Pozo-Puñal, Felix Garcia-Carballeria, and Diego Camarmas-Alonso: ENIGMA: A Scalable Simulator for IoT and Edge Computing