Best Paper Award: Aymar Cublier Martínez, Alejandro Álvarez Isabel, Jesús Carretero and David E. Singh. Fine-grained parallel social modelling for analyzing the COVID-19 propagation

Short Best Paper Award: Julen Galarza, Javier Navaridas, Jose A. Pascual, Juan L Muñoz, Ibon Bustinduy and Txomin Romero. Parallelizing Multipacting Simulation for the Design of Particle Accelerator Components

Student Best Paper Award: Marcelo Koji Moori, Hiago Mayk G. de A. Rocha, Matheus Almeida Silva, Janaína Schwarzrock, Arthur Lorenzon and Antonio Carlos Schneider Beck Filho. Automatic CPU-GPU Allocation for Graph Execution

ADMIRE, Best Paper Award: Adriano Vogel, Marco Danelutto, Dalvan Griebler, and Luiz Fernandes: Revisiting self-adaptation for efficient decision-making at run-time in parallel executions

Special Session on High Performance Computing in Modelling and Simulations, Best Paper Award: Alessio De Rango, Luca Furnari, Alfonso Senatore, Giuseppe Mendicino, Andrea Giordano, Davide Macrì, Gladys Utrera and Donato D’Ambrosio. Performance Analysis and Optimization of the CUDA Implementation of the Three-Dimensional Subsurface XCA-Flow Cellular Automaton

Special Session on Scalable Algorithms, Libraries and Tools for Computational Science and Machine Learning on New Heterogeneous HPC Systems, Best Paper Award: Jia-Hao Syu, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Marcin Fojcik and Rafal Cupek. HTPS: Heterogeneous Transferring Prediction System for Healthcare Datasets

Special Session on Cloud Computing on Infrastructure as a Service and its applications, Best Paper Award: Lucía Pons, Salvador Petit, Julio Pons, Maria E. Gomez, Chaoyi Huang and Julio Sahuquillo. Stratus: A Hardware/Software Infrastructure for Controlled Cloud Research

Special Session on Compute Continuum, Best Paper Award: Gabriele Russo Russo, Valeria Cardellini and Francesco Lo Presti. Serverless Functions in the Cloud-Edge Continuum: Challenges and Opportunities

Workshop on Big Data convergence: from Sensors to Application, Best Presentation Award: Javier Garcia Blas. Network accelerated in-memory ad-hoc file system for data-centric and high-performance applications