NEC Labs: High-Impact Technology Research

The 31st Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing is supported by NEC Labs, the US-based center for NEC Corporation’s global network of corporate research laboratories.

About NEC Labs

NEC Laboratories America‘s diverse research groups collaborate with industry, academia, and governments to provide disruptive solutions to complex problems. NEC’s activities focus on the following research areas.

Data Science & System Security

NEC’s research is both experimental and theoretical, covering many domains in data science and systems research, such as time series mining, graph mining, deep learning, text mining, anomaly detection, signal processing, cloud computing, data centers, software-defined networking, and streaming processing. Its research aims to fully understand the dynamics of big data from complex systems, retrieve patterns to profile them, and build innovative solutions to help the end user manage those systems. NEC has built a number of analytic engines and system solutions to process and analyze big data and support various applications in detection, prediction, and optimization. This research has led to both award-winning NEC products and publications at top conferences.

Integrated Systems

New application needs have always sparked human innovation. A decade ago, cloud computing enabled high-value enterprise services with a global reach and scale, but with several minutes or seconds of delay. Large-scale services like enterprise resource planning (ERP) were a corner-case scenario, often designed as one-off systems. Today, applications like social networks, automated trading and video streaming have made large-scale services the norm rather than the exception. In the future, advances in 5G networks and an explosion in the number of smart devices, microservices, databases, networking, and computing tiers will make services so complex that they cannot be tuned or managed by humans.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the key technology for data analytics and artificial intelligence. Recent progress in this field opens opportunities for a wide variety of new applications. As leaders in the industry, NEC develops innovative technologies which are integrated into the company’s products and services.

Media Analytics

NEC solves fundamental challenges in computer vision, with a focus on understanding and interaction in 3D scenes, representation learning in visual and multimodal data, learning across domains and tasks, as well as responsible AI. Its technological breakthroughs contribute to socially-relevant solutions that address key enterprise needs in mobility, safety and smart spaces.

Optical Networking & Sensing

From the Internet backbone to the home, optics and photonics form the foundation of modern ICT infrastructure.  In the optical networking and sensing department, NEC is leading world-class research into the next generation of optical networks and sensing systems that will power ICT-based social solutions for years to come.  From forward-looking theoretical studies, to cutting-edge experiments, to the world- and industry-first technology field trials, we deliver globally recognized innovation that looks into the future and translates it into present reality.

A leader in the integration of IT and network technologies with more than 100 years of expertise, NEC provides a combination of products and solutions that cross-utilize the company’s experience and global resources to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. Find more information on nec-labs.com.

Text and image edited from: nec-labs.com