High-tech solutions with E4

The 31st Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing is actively supported by E4 Computer Engineering, that will also be an exhibitor at PDP 2023 Demo Area, where attendees can visit the company’s boot and talk to the team about high-tech solutions for HPC Clusters, Cloud services, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Hyper-converged infrastructures.

About E4

E4 Computer Engineering is an internationally recognised Solution Provider for high grade expertise in HPC, High Performance Data Analytics, AI and Deep Learning. E4 works with the some of the most prestigious Universities and important centres for research and computing, like CERN in Geneva, from whom it received special acknowledgment.

This Italian-based company was established in 2002 at Scandiano, in the province of Emilia Romagna. It was founded by two passionate IT experts that found an interesting niche in high performance computing to explore

In 2018 the company founded a sister company: E4 Analytics, an innovative startup offering professional advice and services in the Big Data Analytics and Artifcial Intelligence sectors.

European projects

Participation in major European Projects of the High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence worlds forms a fundamental part of E4’s strategy. These projects bring valuable human resources and expertise, and give the company access to a network of important national and international institutions and companies, with which it can co-design and co-develop highly innovative solutions to be later replicated on the market.

The main entity financing and sustaining a large part of these projects is the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), headquartered in Luxemburg. EuroHPC JU coordinates the efforts and manages the resources of various European Countries with the aim of making Europe the world leader in Supercomputing. 
E4 is currently coinvolved with many European projects, such as the ADMIRE project.

Text and image edited from: e4company.com